Client Testimonials

“Lisa is one of the absolute best executive recruiters I have worked with throughout my career. She is professional and service-minded. She has a superior network. She will always have her client’s best interests in mind and she goes the extra mile to deliver top quality. She takes on any challenge with a positive attitude”

Jorgen Ericsson
Vice President at Cisco


“Lisa did a fantastic job sourcing sales rep candidates for our tech start up and then sheparding them throught the recruiting process. Very charismatic personality. Very insightful about candidate personalities. Very hard worker. I highly recommend Lisa.”

David Belove
VP Sales Enablement at Apttus


Here’s the thing: When you couldn’t find a good sales rep no matter what you were willing to pay, Lisa found gems. When everything changed and you could get 100 candidates from a Craigslist ad, Lisa was even more valuable in separating the wheat from the chaff. I often tell the story of Lisa coming to me with a candidate saying “he is totally unqualified and doesn’t meet any of your criteria, but trust me you have to talk to this guy”. I did (and do) trust her — partly because within 15 minutes of meeting that guy I wanted to get him on board, and within 8 months of hiring that guy, he was the very top sales person of over 100 global sales team members. Lisa is not simply good — she is the absolute best.less

Ric Hattabaugh
Mobile Healthcare Executive


Lisa was our executive recruiter for Allscripts. She brought in the talent we needed at the senior most level at our company. She is a pleasure to work with and brings the upmost level of professionalism to our industry. Her client focus is outstanding and brings a wealth of knowledge from her Cisco experience. Thank you again for making a difference at Allscripts in our…more

Celia Harper-Guerra
Global Leader Talent Acquisition and Development


Lisa managed several executive recruitment opportunities for me in the past year. She is extremely professional and clearly demonstrates her knowledge and expertise in recruiting and searching for the difficult jobs. She quickly builds relationships with those that she works with and you trust her capabilities the first time you meet. She is extremely networked and is able…more

David Campbell
SVP, Business Partner at Allscripts


Lisa is one of those recruiters you’re lucky to have worked with. After nearly 10 yrs I was honored to have Lisa join my team to support one of the most complex, influential and challenging business units within Cisco. Lisa’s mature interpersonal skills, business acumen and domain expertise enabled her to establish instant credibility amongst her peers, stakeholders and clients. She is a strong collaborator and team player, results driven and a keen focus on customer needs with the ability to translate business strategy into executable solutions. It would be a pleasure to work with Lisa again. – joeless

Joseph Strongone
Global Recruitment Leader


Lisa provided excellent service to recruit and hire a very senior executive for my group. She managed the recruiting process very well, gave me good advice and worked very effectively with the candidate.

Dick Cantwell
Vice President, Internet Business Solutions Group at Cisco Systems


Having worked with Lisa on several occasions to identify and hire executive level high-potentials for my team – by definition demanding people to deal with – I can only say the best. I was truly impressed by Lisa’s excellent understanding of the requirements for the positions to be filled, her unmatched ability to resolve complex challenges inside and outside of our…more

Dirk Schlesinger
Manging Director – Global Manufacturing Lead, Internet Business Solutions at Cisco Systems


I can only give the highest recommendation to Lisa. I have worked extensively with her as the client main point of contact on multiple executive search assignments. Lisa is professional, articulate, smart, action orientated and results driven. Lisa understands the search process and how to work with both her internal clients, and search partners, to keep assignments on…more

Mike Mitchell
Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry International


Lisa is one of the best executive recruiters I have had the pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional, possess executive presence and communication, good understanding of the industry/business. She has the ability to cut through the internal politics without being offensive or insensitive to her colleagues. She understands the internal workings of a large corporation such as Cisco and can navigate without projecting her behaviours as that of the more tyypical executive recruiter. She is viewed as part of the team rather than as an outsider…not too many external recruiters can acquire this kind of trust. She is a definite asset to any team/company. She is extremely professional and always has her ears and eyes wide open, connecting the dots in the internal going ons of the organization.less

Carmen Cortez
Global Business HR Leader